Here at Tall Poppies Landscape and Pool Centre Ltd, we have over 10 years experience in pool and spa knowledge, ranging from water testing and analysis to running of the pool and parts knowledge. We provide a free water testing service and advice on what chemicals your pool or spa requires. Depending on the pool construction, the ideal water chemistry changes so come in store for expert advice specifically tailored to your pool.


We have a large range of chemicals and test kits to keep your pool crystal clear over the summer months. If you want to be proactive over winter,  we can supply chemicals to winterise your pool to reduce chlorine requirements, filter time, and inhibit algae growth. We can also give advice on how to turn a green pool back to sparkling blue, if this occurs.


In addition to chemicals, we also stock filter media, cartridge filters, pool toys and goggles, new pumps and filters, spare parts, plus many more pool and spa products! If we haven't got the particular product you are after, we will do our best to source this for you.


Tall Poppies Landscape & Pool Centre are also agents for Vogue and Paramount swimming pools and Trueform spa pools.